Be persistent to the end

I grew up in a middle class family. I didn't grow up poor but we couldn't afford these cars for sure. Our family philosophy is that these toys should come after the business was sufficiently funded and having invested in income property real estate. I never thought I could attain more then one super car. I always knew I could at least attain one. So you never know. Keep you eyes open for opportunities. Work harder than you think what working hard means. Be persistent to the point of no giving up ever. And also do it with integrity because your name is your best asset. And keep doing these things until your timing comes.

Achieve Your Dream

Some comments was saying people born in a poverty family or poor areas in the world can never reach success in life or gain financial freedom. Well, I have a story to encourage you. My father was born in small village in southern mainland China. People were farmers. They hope to grow food to sell and to make money to feed themselves. He and his 4 other siblings and parents lived in a primitive shack that was so small that you can't imagine. Then the Cultural Revolution came and the Red Army took his father (my grandfather) away to reprogramming concentration camp where he eventually died. My father was 13 and his family was the poorest in the village. No food. No shoes. No money. The farming didn't always produce crops so they would walk a day's time to the city to buy produce and walk a day's time back to his village to sell it to make money. When that didn't pan out, he and his brother decided to escape china to Hong Kong in danger of the being captured by Communist guards, shark attacks, and long exhausting swim in the ocean to get to Hong Kong. He had to find work. He eventually became an apprentice to learn the art of gemstone carving. Of course one thing lead to another and he became more successful. Got married. Had kids. And grew a business. Much had happened. He gain much financial success. He provided not only for his immediate family but to his mother and siblings. He brought them all to America and gave them Jobs. His son (me) graduated college and joined his business and grew it to new heights. At the end of his life, the people that knew him would agreed that my father Hing Wa Lee was a successful business person which was self made. He came with no family advantage, lived in the poorest environment, and had no education. But through hard work, perseverance, integrity, timing, and luck; he was able to get out of his condition to prosper. So I hope this story encourages some of you that may not be in the best of environments that you too can get out and find success like my father. But it's up to you. Would you adapt some of the work ethics my father had? Would you take the risks like my father did? Something only you can ask yourself.

Spread the truth

I want to start out by thanking many of you for your kind and encouraging comments on the post about remembering my late father's birthday. In reading what you wrote, my heart also goes out to all of you that have experienced a lost of a parent. Much ❤️ brother @jcartu It's an eventuality that we all must face the fact we will lose our parents. No one can escape this end. When we are born, our doom has begun. I told myself 5 years ago after my father just passed. I was determined to make a difference with the time I have here. I will not be the weak link to lose what I am entrusted with. I will establish a legacy for my father and myself. I will teach my children what I know so they can have the skills they need to prosper. I will spread the truth in His glory. And lastly, I will see my father again one day to hear him say, "job well done my son...."

Always be positive

Many of you know I don't answer on comments due to lack of time so please don't take offense. I do address some of your questions in future posts like this one. So some of you asked if I would achieved the same kinds of success if I did not have a family platform to start with. And by the way, when I graduated from @uscmarshall , I did make a conscious choice if I wanted to start a business on my own or join my family business. My determination was I would get further if I started from my family platform but I would do it if the business model was changed and I could run it my way. But I loved all type of businesses. Didn't have to be jewelry. Which is why I have started and manage many business now. To me, the concept of all business is the same, just different products or service you are selling. That's the simple explanation. But I still asked the question. Now who would know you the best and alway tell you the truth? That would be my wife. And she said that she has no doubt in her mind that in what ever business I started and am involved with, she believes I will make it successful. And I am satisfied with that answer. Note: I am glad many of you appreciate my posts. It is meant to motivate but to also have depth. It's honest and there are lessons to be learned. I want to always be positive so I hope you can be that way as well. Thank you all for our support and encouragement to me.

The Wise are those that listens & learns

I know many of you are new followers and don't know better so I will bring back an old picture for your edification. My father had a 125 square foot shop in the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles. This was the so called "empire" that I joined into in 1990 during the terrible real estate & economic recession that was impacting America. During that time, one of two scenario happened. One-To add value to your family's business to overcome the current bad situation and taking the business to the next level. Second-making lots of mistakes or being lazy and resulting in losing the family's business. I saw a lot of scenario two happened to many businesses at that time but I refused to except anything but the first option to succeed. Hard work, perseverance, & integrity #3goldenrules #hingwaleegallery #Advice : the Wise are those that listens & learns. Fools can't extract the lessons & wisdom from what they hear instead makes excuses for themselves.

my skill

Before I was 16, To earn and save money, I had done many things. I was self driven to earn money. Was always thinking how to make money. I had sold avocados in street corners, I had worked for electric consumer products retailers, amusement parks, and contracted to sell #pandaexpress lunch boxes to industry shows. But the bulk of the money I was able to make as a teen was doing gem stone carving. I remember since very young my father taught me the art of gem stone carving. It was his trade and He was a master gem stone carver. He would use to say, this is not a career for me (David) but at last least its a trade you can fall back on to make some money to survive on. So I learned as much as I can as a teen before high school. I was commissioned by a collector that knew that I carved gem stones and commissioned me to do a carving for him. I made a few thousand dollars carving a Chinese dragon scenery on turquoise for that collector which later donated it to a museum for a write off. It still maybe in a museum in Sacramento. Did you learn a skill that can earn you money? Is that skill seem boring to you now? I hope my story encourages you to learn a skill or stick with one you are learning now. #learnaskill #hingwalee #gemstonecarving #mondaymotaviation #missmydad

There is always a way

I don't know about you but sometimes life is tough & rough. You feel like you are in a hole that you can not get out of. But it's not true and you must tell yourself other wise. Do not dwell on the situation & feel sorry for yourself but instead focus & think how to solve the problem. There is always a way. It's never too late to come back or do the right thing. And it is at that point where your life can change. Change for the better or change for the worst. The decision is in your hands. Many successful people I know change for the better and did NOT allow the situation to crush them but instead FOUGHT through no matter how hard it was to over come adversity. It's hard. I am not gonna lie to you but when you get over that hill, you will have a feeling of achievement like you never experienced before. Hang in there!!!!! (My #ferrarisuper5 #F5club#ferraribig5 #288gto #f40 #f50 #enzo#laferrari ) My father was a fighter. I am a fighter and my son will be a fighter.


#Integrity is a word that has lost some of its luster with today's young people. In my father's time, having integrity was the most important attribute in business because if you cheated someone once, that person cheated would tell everyone they knew. The word would get around and other people that you want to do business with most likely would avoid you. In my business experience and journey, I have found it the same to be true. It's troubling that I get feedback from young people believing that as long as you can make money, integrity doesn't play a role in the business model. Now a days with the Internet and social media, information on you is so available. I find that today, before you take a meeting with someone, they would google you first to know all about you-the good, the bad, and the ugly will surface very easily. So you tell me, does having integrity in business or doing your job play an important part in your road to success. Will you cheat to gain for the moment and lose the potential business opportunities? Do you want to handle your business or work with a long term or short term mind set? If you have been following me, you know my position on this matter. Have a good Wednesday and I hope you think about what I have said. #rollsroycedawn #lessonfortheday #professorLee

Just keep going

To reach #success in anything is like winning a #marathon. You need to be #focused and #determined. You need to #train for it. You need to #endure when you get tired. You need to be #patience and pace yourself. You need to #keepgoing even when you are hungry and thirsty. You need to strategize how to #beatyouropponent . You need to #visualize yourself winning the race. You have to have a #supportteam to cheer you on. And at the end, whether you win or come short of winning, you have a feeling of #gladness for having finished the race and trying your best. #MondayMotivation #TipsForSuccess #ferrariSuper5 #f5club #supercars #laferrari #enzo #f50 #f40 #288gto #ferraricollectordavidlee #hingwaleejewelers #rolex #cartier #richardmille #audemarspiguet #hublot

Why Limit Yourself
I was not born with a skill to be a teacher. I was always a doer or a performer, not a coach or a motivator. We are all born with various sets of skills but it does not mean we can not learn them in life. Don't confine yourself in a box of what you can do or not because you don't have this skill or that. You can learn them; you just need to believe and do it. #ExperienceBringWisdom @therealalbertnapoli

A Dream

I had a dream last night and I don't normally have dreams. The dream setting was at night in Las Vegas. I was done with a long day of work as a wholesaler of jewelry which was my previous work with my family before I convince them to change the business model to retail. But In the dream, I was on the street and kept trying to call my dad to see how he is doing and what he was doing. But somehow I could not find his name or number on my phone. It was frustrating because how could I not find his contact on my phone and I was trying numerous times without success. After many attempts with frustration, it suddenly dawn on me, my father was no longer here. He had passed away already. For those of you that haven't followed long, my father & mentor passed away 5 years ago now. In the dream, He can no longer be reached and a feeling of sadness dawn on me. Then I woke up. As I was telling my wife about my dream, she was filled with tears. BUT at the same time, we then realized we have hope. What I like about the Christian faith is that becoming a Christian and being saved to have eternal life in heaven with our God is an awesome thing and often emphasized. But that is not the only great thing. What is also great is that we will get reunite with our loved ones that are also believers. My father accepted Jesus as his savior in the hospital 6 months before he passed. My father was a very smart man and learned from the streets. He literally came from nothing. His whole life, he only believed in himself because he built everything on his own. So why do you think he would believe that God was the right way in the end. Being in the Christian faith, I have hope that I will reunite with him again. So just a thought to you. Whether you are religious or not, this aspect of the Christian faith has to be appealing to you. We can all understand and appreciate being reunited with our loved ones. Wouldn't that be something you would want too. Let's put all the hardness from this world aside for a moment. Wouldn't it be great if you pass from this world and go to a glorious place where you can reunite with your loved ones? I believe anyone would desire this. Just a thought......

My First Car

You have seen me post this picture before of my first car a Toyota pickup truck that I proudly purchased with my own money that I earned and saved. I was not a rich kid growing up. My family was in the medium household income level at the time when I was 16. I remember at the time, there were many classmates who were driving new Toyota Supras, 911s, BMWs, and other nice new cars. Although I was personally proud to not ask my parents to buy me a car, I also wished that I could be cruising around in a new MR2. I imagined I would be more popular and people would think I am cool. But I told myself. #bepatient I am gonna #workhard and I will have my turn. I will have an awesome sports car one day. I knew it wasn't gonna happen just dreaming about it or happen tomorrow either. It will take time but if I kept focused, I will have my turn. I think you all would agree that my turn did come around for me. But the lesson here is, #focusonagoal and work towards it. #Nevergiveup Don't complain that you need to work hard now and don't grumble that you are not reaching it fast enough. It doesn't help. Don't even think about it. It's like when you are on a long hike or long ride, you can't think about being tired. You can only think about how great you will feel when you get to your destination. That's what you keep thinking and that is what you hold on to. #mondaymotivation . If you have specific questions for me. You can email me at Be patient, I will reply. But go to my site first and see ABOUT & FAO first.

With My Old Scout Master

I am so delighted to see my old scout master and go back to my Boy Scout troop spaghetti dinner which is a fund raiser for the troop. I remember when I was a scout I would help serve the people that bought tickets to the dinner. I have great respect for my old scout master Mr. Reed. He was someone I looked up to when I was a kid. Those days when I was a scout taught me so much about character and ethics that have become a fundamental part of my life. I also can say the skills I learn in scouting save my life a couple times and made me very useful in a number of other occasions. Therefore I am very grateful for Mr. Reed for his dedication to positively impact the lives of his scouts and to the scouting program. I still remember the scout law: a scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courtesy, kind, obedient, cheerful,thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. I have kept all these laws through out my life still until today. #boyscouts #eaglescouts #scoutlaw it wasn't about the quality of the food. It's about the quality time spent w someone. Note: I am an Eagle Scout #troop841

San Gabriel Flagship Store

The background behind my #356Aspeedster could have look drastically different. Instead of this 15,000 square feet @hingwalee San Gabriel Flagship store that you see here, it could have been an empty lot. You see, prior to the passing of my father in 2011, my dad whom I miss dearly, told me not to do anything with this prime location piece of real estate. We had planned to build a shopping center on this land for some time before as part of what my real estate development division does. At the time, when he was sick, the economy was bad. The country was still trying to recover from the subprime disaster and banks were very conservative. After the passing of my father in 2011, I did a year of soul searching. I knew my father like any father just wanted his family to preserve wealthy and be conservative in their business. But if he had more time and if he was still alive, he would have built something on this piece of property. Therefore, my soul searching lead me to many conclusions. First, to build one of the largest and most prestigious watch and jewelry flagship stores in North America in his #legacy which I did in 2013. Second, we can't take all the money we make with us when we leave this earth so why chase it so hard or view it so importantly. Focus on what is important in life. Thirdly, we are just stewards of God resources. And if that was the perspective, how would I manage His money. Obviously you don't see how I manage it here on IG. You only see the cars aspect. If you really knew me, you would know I am very responsible with it. If you would like to email me for advice on specific questions, email me at  And be patience for a reply. I will reply. Don't dm me with advice questions.

#hingwaleejewelers #lifelessons #wealthpreservation #realestate #development #watchstore #jewelrystore #awardwinningbuilding #genevastyle

Note: it is so true. To maintain or grow wealth as the next generation is just as hard as building it as the first generation. Also the pressure to not lose it for your family.

Men's Fellowship Group

I treasure the time of being with my Christian brothers in our Men's Fellowship group. It is a time of deep reflection and humbling ourselves before God. Today we discussed about Anger and how we should deal with it especially when someone has wronged you. There were so many deep & great discussion about how to deal with Anger that you may exhibit externally or internally. I would like to share just one of thoughts with you because there were so many good ones. "A gentleman does not needlessly and unnecessarily remind an offender of a wrong he may have committed against him. He cannot only forgive, he can forget; and he strives for that nobleness of self and mildness of character which impart sufficient strength to let the past be the past. A true man of honor feels humbled himself when he cannot help humbling others."

#beagentleman #humbleyourself #dealingwithanger

note: whether you are religious or not, I think we can all understand this is the right way to approach Anger & conflict resolution. #lifelessons

All you need is to believe

Reposted this from @bradscotjohnson So Amazing!!! Not the play on words but His Love for us and so simple to receive. All you need is to believe. Give it a try. What's the worst that could happen............... #tellyouastory I told my father this when he was in the hospital bed. He was self made & didn't want to believe or trust anything but himself. I said what's the worst it can happen if I was wrong. Nothing right. Wouldn't change the out come. But if I was right, what gains he would have. So he believed and I saw the changes in my father even in those weeks after before he passed away. My father was a very smart man. He would not believe if it did not make sense to him. He must have found at the end that it made sense to believe. Hope this gives you some perspective. #jesus #tellyouanotherstory my wife actually lead my father to Christ and I am indebted to her. I realized God put her to be my life to one day lead my father to believe. I never thought it was possible but I saw how amazing God's timing and mercy is. Guys, I wish you could understand what I am saying.

Elements of success

Again I get countless messages about inquiring what advice I can give to be successful. The truth is I can not lay down a yellow brick road for you. Everyone has their road but all I can tell you is you need to have the right shoes to walk that path. What is the right shoes. As this picture said in front of my @hingwalee Store in San Gabriel, California. 3 golden rules of work ethics pass to me by my father. Work #hard. Work with #perseverance. Work with #intigrity I find if you cover those bases, you are ready to receive the responsibility of wealth. I also believe it's not up to you at some point. But by really doing my rule, you can attain a good lifestyle.

Think before you speak

Your #tongue is like a double edged #sword & can get you in a whole lots of #trouble.......I remember my father once told me a story of his days when he just became the boss of his own gemstone carving factory at the age of 18 in Hong Kong. He had just finished 5 hard years as an apprentice to learn the art from his master. He only had little formal education and his peers were rough around the shoulders. He just started making money and felt he was ready to conquer the world. Anyways, over drinks with friends and people he didn't know well, everyone was buzzed and talking trash to each other. Somebody got offended and strong cursing transpired between my father and this gang member "big brother" whose identity my father did not know at the time. The next day, 10 gang members showed up in front of the building where my father lived. He was newly married. My father apologized for being quick and speaking without consequence. With the mafia in HK, to apologize respectfully, my father had to buy a dim sum lunch for the "big brother" and his 9 brothers and offer tea as an apology. My father for the safety of his family did this. This story is just an illustration. This applies when in #arguments, #quarrels, #misunderstandings #speakingrumors #defaming or #disrespecting people.
The lesson here he said is be #slowtoreact Think before you speak. #Bemature , #BeRational , and don't be overcome by your #emotion. Consider what the other person is thinking. Don't #underestimate other people especially when u don't know their background. Words or texts that comes from your mouth, can not be taken back. Words can be as sharp as a #sword. Many young people today react tough and don't think the #consequence. This could bring you into BIG Trouble & much money spent to get you out. God instructs #loveyourneighborsasyourself This should not be taken as a sign of weakness but #compassion. #lifelesson #respectothers #respectyourelders

Don't wait!!!!!!

I am gonna tell you a story that will make you rethink about sitting in your hands & procrastinating. My buddy had sold his company and had a big pay day. He wanted to really reward himself after the hard work he had put in. He knew I was a car guy and asked me for help to find an ultimate #porsche bc he was a German car loving guy. No one is perfect. Just kidding 😂😂😂😂 So I found him a #918. He was very happy. I bought it for him and awaited for him to pick it up but I got no call backs from him. A week went by when I got a call from his father explaining that he had passed away on the operation table. Obviously I was shocked. He was healthy. I was so sad bc he had everything going for him at this point. This just comes to show u that life does wait for your timing. It doesn't give you the best senarios. There is no perfect timing. I advise you to not wait if you want to fulfill your goals. I also advise you to find the real meaning of time. You can't take these cars with you when you leave this world. You come in to this world with nothing and you leave with nothing......

Investment advice

The road ahead looks bright for the Lunar Year of the Monkey starting 2/8th. I have a couple of business launches that I am excited about. My good friend a very successful & shrewd investor once gave me tips on investing due to his experience. Something for you to think about. I do see the wisdom of it. He said First, never invest with family. Secondly, never invest in a business you don't understand. Thirdly, never invest in a business that your partner's investment is zero. No stake in the game. Fourth, don't invest in start ups with no financial statements records. #investmenttips #250lussocompetizone #ferraricollector

"Don't try to see what you can get out of the family. Try to get what you can from the world"

We all think it's good to have. Many of us try to instill it to our kids. But how does it happen. Does it take some sort of #carrot that motivates us. I know that @tyrese told me for him it was as basic as food when he was growing up bc he grew up in a tough environment. But many of our kids are not in that tough of an environment. I remember when I was in 6th grade. #BMX was the big thing. And I wanted this BMX bicycle called #GT. It was the best bike at the time but it costed USD $325.00. I didn't have that kind of money and I didn't want to ask my parents for it bc I saw they worked so hard for our family. I remember my father always told me "don't try to see what you can get out of the family. Try to get what you can from the world". He meant go out into the world and earn it yourself. So one day as I was being driven home from school, I saw a guy selling Avocados in a street corner. $1 for 4 big one or 5 smaller ones. I guess people driving by would stop to buy it bc it was a better deal then at the grocery store. I knew I had an Avocado tree at home that was just dropping Avocados and no one was eating them. So I decided to pick the Avocado from the tree, bag them up and go to a busy intersection to sell it and make enough money to buy my GT bike. Well, I picked and bagged 30 bags of Avocados and sold them and made $30 that day. I felt so good bc I made the money from the world not asking from my family. I did this again the following weekend and sold them all ago. Then I had an idea. What if I got my friends to help me and everyone had a different corner to sell. I would split 50/50 with them. So we did that and I had 3 other friends selling Avocados for me at the same time. This sped up the money I could make toward buying my GT BMX bike. Soon I had save $325 to buy my GT bike. I remembered I felt so happy that I did this on my own. I so enjoyed that bike. This post shows me as a 6th grader, my new GT BMX bike, and the Avocado tree behind me. This bike was my carrot and it gave me the drive to go out there and find the money I needed to obtain it. Little did I know this created in me a DRIVE that has never left me until today

2nd+ generations

There is a Chinese saying. It is difficult to achieve success (1st generation) but it's even harder to maintain success (as 2nd generation). To all you 2nd+ generations, like myself, we could not choose who we are born to. We should not be ashamed of being born into a medium or better household. But it is important where you take it from here. In my case, when I graduated from #uscmarshall , I joined my family business in 1990. They had a small wholesale jewelry business in downtown LA. Their shop was 100 square feet. When I joined, I changed the business model to retail jewelry & watches. It was hard work physically and mentally. It was 7 days a week with long hours when I first open my store in My old location in San Gabriel in 1993. It was extremely hard to get all the #authorizeddealerships for all the brand name watches especially #Rolex. But at the end, after 25 yrs, I have navigated the business to growing revenues 60 times. Have increased the value of our retail business 100 times not including the real estate & investment division that was a spinoff from the profits of the retail division. And our stores @hingwalee is considered in our industry as one of the best retailers in North America. Don't get me wrong. I am not patting myself on the back or saying how good of a job I did. I am just saying you as the 2nd+ generation have the pressure to at least maintain or improve on your family business and it's not easy. You have to be serious. You have to be willing to work hard and smart. You have to be willing sacrifice. So my challenge to you all whom have a family business is, "Are you gonna be a 2nd+ generation known for building your family business to the next level or does it settle with you to be called a #trustfundbaby or #richkid living off parent's hard work? The choice is yours. Do you want the respect? Money can't buy respect. Note: pic on left was my parent's 100 sq ft shop in downtown LA. Pic on the right are my 15,000 sq ft San Gabriel flagship store and Walnut Plaza that I built and own. #inspiration #movtivationmonday. For more, check out:

Spend time with your parents

Every time I see my Father's #rollsroycephantom Its reminds me of him. An object that once belonged to someone can really do that. It doesn't have to be a car. It could be a watch or a pen. All those things are reminders of him. And when you remember him, what do you remember. Are they good memories? Do you remember how much he loved you? Do you remember how much he sacrificed for your family. Do you remember his aspirations. Do you remember what made him smile and so on. If you don't know those things, I would encourage you to get to know your Dad more before you don't have a chance. We take our parents for granted when they are still alive. We think they will still be around, we have all the time. I am telling you you never know. Spend time with your parents and get to know them more so that one day when you see something they left behind, it will remind you of so many wonderful memories and attributes of them.

how to live out our faith

Friends, it's Sunday again. I want to say @lakeavenuechurch has such great music program that even if you are not a believer, you would enjoy it. I want to invite you to come during Christmas time especially. Today our pastor @gregwaybright spoke to us about Zachariah and gave us 3 take homes on how to live out our faith. It may or may not resonates with you. On another Note: I know terrible things are happening out there and perhaps even in your own personal life. I was just talking to a friend whose daughter died in her sleep recently. She was not even sick. My heart was heavy for him and could relate to his loss as my father passed away four years ago. But I believe there is still a God here in this world and He has a plan that will be good for all mankind in the end. We just don't have enough insight to know why things happen as they are happening now. You could relate to this right. Hasn't something bad that happened to you at the time and you thought it was the end of the world but as it played out, you understood why that needed to happen and that you learned a valuable lesson and it made you a better person after. I feel it's kinda like that. Thanks for reading my sharing which I hope gets you to think or perhaps will comfort you. Pastors @jeff_liou & @mark_fields please feel free to chime in or elaborate in the comments. Thanks.

things don't happen by accident

My beloved pastor @gregwaybright at @lakeavenuechurch spoke about how Mary was told by the Angel Gabriel that she was gonna be pregnant with baby #Jesus whom is the #savior of our world. Imagine how she felt about the news and was obedient to take on this stressful and unbelievable task. At the end, she went through with it and we are so glad she did. Note: In my own perspective, I believe things don't happen by accident. I think many of you can believe that as well. I have seen many many things in this world-very good & very bad. We live in a fallen world, those things happen. This fallen world is not fair. I have traveled all over the world and tried to get familiar with many cultures. It is my conclusion there is a #God and He orchestrates all things that happens in our lives for His purpose. Just because very bad things happen to our love ones or innocent people out there does not mean there is no higher being. I would hope many of you feel I am an intelligent and shrewd businessman. I don't just believe in something without investigation and challenging the findings. I think very long and deep and this is my conclusion. Something to think about. Just sharing my thoughts with you. Happy holidays. Note2: I know these kinds of posts are not popular but we are called to not only act popular sometimes. I do mean well to everyone. Just sharing my heart w you all and hopes it makes you think.

father is my role model

As for me, I am thankful for the many blessings in my life. Thankful for my God, my family, my business, my health, etc. Today I am especially thankful for my late father. Thankful for his #COURAGE to escape China at the age of 13 to look for work to support his mom and 5 siblings still in China. Thankful for his #DETERMINATION to swim from Macau to Hong Kong in order to escape mainland China. Thankful for his #HARDWORK to spend 5 years to be an gemstone carving apprentice in Hong Kong. Thankful for his #PERSISTENCE to learn English at night school so he can later expand to America and do business here. Thankful for his #TEACHINGS to me all he knows about life, family values, and business ethics of #INTEGRITY. Father, I am forever grateful to you & I miss you. NOTE: Hope you can learn from my father's example that anything is possible if you apply those principals.

the fruit of the spirit

Dear friends, I appreciate you follow me for sharing my passion. As you know I have a passion to inspire you to achieve but it is also my passion to inspire you to strive to be a good person in this world. To contribute to your community. It's my belief God/Jesus can help you to do that. Therefore, I am reposting my pastor @gregwaybright 's post. These are good qualities to live by no matter what you believe. Note: The good things in life are great to enjoy but know really what is the most important thing in life is. ・・・
Pastor Greg said, As I have surveyed people about the fruit of the spirit, self-control is the most challenging one. Why do you think that is?

Life is uncertain

This picture of my wedding and my groomsmen was on the shelf of my oldest friend of 36 years Pat Meany (to the right of me) he recently suddenly passed away at age of 45. He had everything going for him. 3 beautiful kids, just having graduated from his executive MBA, sold his successful western wear company-Boot Barn, bought a beautiful home in San Juan Capistrano, and had many great cars. He was ready to live out his next half of life and to enjoy the harvest of his hard work. At his service, I witnessed the pain his family had to endure with the lost of my lifelong friend. In the Chinese culture, the worst tragedy is when "white hair (parents) sends off black hair (a child) to their funeral. This is a vivid reminder to us that. Life is uncertain. Today may be our last day. Did u really think about if it was, what would you do? Would you spend more time with your parents, your children, your siblings, or your close friends. Would you give them an extra kiss & a hug? Would you spend more time to talk to them? Would you forgive them for your last argument? Would you do something that has meaning to your life? Would you think deeper what is the meaning of life and is the end really the end? Would you think how you will be remembered? Our minds get clouded by work, school, ambition, and things leaving us little time to think about the questions I posed. But I would suggest you do think about it as if it was your last day and be prepared. I certainly have due to the sad reminder of my friends passing. My sincere and loving personal suggestion, Look into #JesusChrist Note: Pat would want his tragedy to be a blessing for us whom are still here. #meaningoflife #wordsfromtheheart

My Father

Father, All your life you have instill into me your 3 golden rules: 1) Work hard 2) Work hard with perseverance 3) Work w Integrity. You have shown me that you have followed these rules in your life by your own actions and have found success. I distinctly remember your conversation with me saying......... "Son, you don't have a choice to be born smart. Some people are born smart and are so brilliant at school or at the work place. Do not be depressed you are not born as smart which you did not have the choice. Focus on what you do have a choice on. You can choose to work much harder then the guys smarter then you. If they work 40 hours a week, you can choose to work 60-80 hours a week to compensate or be even better and get ahead: this you have a choice." On Father's Day, as I reflect on memories of you and have realize that I have done as you have taught me and have also found success. You were RIGHT and now I am sharing with people what you have taught me in your honor. Happy Father's Day and THANK YOU for all your teachings and love. 
It is also my belief that my Heavenly Father chose to bless me richly and give me favor but if I did not follow my Earthly Father's rules of business ethics, I believe I would not have achieved success. Thank you Heavenly Father for the blessings. Follow us: @hingwalee

Spend time with mom

Dinner with Mom every Wednesday just me & her. #precioustime spent. Only Mom could care less if I am #ferraricollector or #businessmanoftheyear A mother loves you and supports you unconditionally. #momisthebest Note1: have you had dinner w your mom lately? Note2: the food prepared by the housekeeper is far from being good but eating it is a small sacrifice compared what our parents did for us.

a Rolls was a symbol of success

By popular demand and Since there has been many new followers that may not have read the post, i am reposting this story about my father & this Phantom. Hope it inspires You today...........You may ask why you sometimes see a Phantom in my stable. The answer is: it's a keepsake. My father Hing Wa Lee came from China to Hong Kong 55 yrs ago with no money in his pockets. Everyday on the way to his gallery, he would pass and see from a distance at The Peninsula Hotel, HK. In the front of the that Hotel was the fleet of Rolls Royce. To my father, a Rolls was a symbol of success. Speed up to 10 years ago, my father through his hard work, persistence, and integrity became very successful and certainly could afford anything he desired including a Rolls Royce. The funny thing is when someone works so hard to make money and have been frugal his whole life, it's hard to spend on himself something so luxurious like a Rolls. He couldn't get himself to buy one. So in 2005, I bought a brand new phantom from @rusnak_auto_group for him as a present knowing he wouldn't do it himself. He was so happy to finally own a Rolls and even more proud that his son bought it for him. In his life, He took care his mom and help all his siblings and made sure everyone was set up but himself. So I am glad that I could gift him something that he could not get himself to gift himself. He passed four years ago and I will keep this car forever in remembrance of him. It is also a reminder to me that with hard work, persistence, and integrity anything is possible. Hope this was encouraging for you. #hingwalee @hingwalee #rollsroyce #phantom @1amaica1 @quincystrong @lizrusnak

My father my teacher about life

I would like to take this opportunity to say #HappyBirthday to my late father -#HingWaLee whom left us 4 years ago. He was my teacher about #life, my #mentor & #partner in #business, and most importantly my #Father. When a love one pass away, they may not be with us physically but I believe they are still with us spiritually. For me, when a tough situation arise, I automatically hear my father's voice in my head telling me how he would handle it. Obviously it was a memory of what he had once told me. But it is reassuring & comforting. The post was the day I picked up my #F430spider when they first came out years ago. I was showing my Father how to drive this #Ferrari. It was also his first time to drive a Ferrari. That was a great day. So much emotions. I am glad I had captured the moment. #BeAVoiceinyourchildshead #capturethemoments #respectyourparents

What is important in life

Like my friend @cribs4u said. BEING is sometimes more important then DOING. The power of being quiet to think and reflect what steps you want to take, what decisions you want to make, who you really want to be, and what is important in life. Don't get busy with the DOING instead try spending time on the BEING. Does this translate to you? This is what I am doing right now in my office.